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119 South Front Street
Warrenton, NC 27589
Phone: 252-257-4990

Library Hours:
M-Th: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

119 South Front Street Warrenton, NC 27589 Phone: 252-257-4990

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library is a state and national non-profit organization whose only mission is the support
of libraries and the advancement of reading and literacy. There are close to eight thousand individual Friends of the Library groups in America!

For the past fifteen years or so, our group (The Friends of the Warren County Memorial Library) has been providing extra monies for under-funded needs, supporting the goals of the Library, and helping to provide programs and activities that will enrich our community. As generous as the Library’s county budget allocations are, there are always items that are not included. That’s where our Friends group contributes!

We raise money, through membership drives and from the sale of books and other materials in our Bookstore, to increase the holdings of the library, providing books and other materials, as well as special purchases for the Library itself, such as decorative library clocks and a big-screen TV for the Children’s Department. EVERY PENNY THAT WE RAISE GOES TO OUR LIBRARY!

Our memberships are affordable (anyone can join, starting at $15 for a individual yearly membership), yet they provide the opportunities for high-end donations and recognition. Membership affords the members early entrance to our semi-annual book-sales, as well as our yearly wine and cheese social which follows our annual meeting in March. Membership information is available at the circulation desk in the Library, and on Monday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm in our Bookstore. We gratefully accept cash donations, as well as donations of gently-used books, DVDs, and CDs, which we can sell in our Bookstore or at our Spring and Fall Book Sales.

We support programs for the full spectrum of library patrons, from the Summer Reading Program for readers of all ages, to speakers and programs on diverse subjects for varied interests. We share the goals of the Library, and our Library Director, Ms. Cheryl Reddish, is a member of our Friends of the Library group.

What are the responsibilities of members of FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY? Aside from paying their annual dues promptly, there are no specific responsibilities and no meetings to attend. From time to time, members may be called upon to vote on changes to our By-Laws (as they were last summer). Of course, we hope they will stop in to our Bookstore and our Book Sales, and take advantage of our extremely reasonable prices and large, ever-changing inventory.

We hope YOU will see the benefit of belonging to this group and making a tangible contribution to our wonderful Library, to make sure that our Library is strong, relevant, and well-funded.

We look forward to receiving your financial contribution and we are actively seeking any goods or services that you feel would be helpful or appropriate. You can download a membership form for Friends of the Warren County Memorial Library.


Friends of Warren County Memorial Library Board of Directors


Lola Brown


Vivian Beech


Bob Lesser


Becky Hilliard

Frank Minton

Gerri Minton

Jana Miller

Jeanette Kimball

Patrick Raiford

Cheryl Reddish

Library Directory / AdHoc member

Friends of Warren County Memorial Library Members

Alfie Phillips & Laura Davis Caroline Stover & Travis Packer
Don Arnold Jean Arbuthnot
Mary & William Baker Mr. & Mrs. Harry Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Al Fleming Mr. & Mrs. Al Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Kimball Mr. & Mrs. Ashley White
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Solari Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lesser
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Browne Mr. & Mrs. David Beech
Mr. & Mrs. David Gardner Mr. & Mrs. David Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Hilliard Mr. & Mrs. Doug Knudson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Minton Mr. & Mrs. Gary Iak
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Smith Mr. & Mrs. James Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Baker Mr. & Mrs. John Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. Jules Banzet Mr. & Mrs. Macey Paynter
Mr. & Mrs. Nat White, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Odell Clanton
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Raiford Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Williams Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Vandiford Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Ben Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Chip Brame Mr. & Mrs. Frank Holt
Mr. & Mrs. Garland Greenway Mr. & Mrs. George Vann
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Harris Mr. & Mrs. Karl Groeger
Mr. & Mrs. Sears Bugg Mr. & Mrs. Ted Echols
Mr. & Mrs. Weldon Capps Mr. Bobby Rivers
Mr. Charlie Carroll Mr. Clyde Perkinson
Mr. David Brashear Mr. Julius J. Mann
Mr. Michael Roy Layne Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hogg
Mr. & Mrs. Don Carson Mr. Pettway Boyd
Mrs. Beth Perkinson Mrs. Carolyn Spain
Mrs. Crystal W. Brantley Mrs. Frances Lambertz
Mrs. Janet Coleman Mrs. Janet Harris
Mrs. Jean White Mrs. Jerreann Johnson
Mrs. John Boyle Mrs. Junell Nixon
Mrs. Lucille Robinson Mrs. Rosa B. Fleming
Mrs. Pat Moberly Ms. Fern Boyd
Ms. Annie Bender Ms. Arlene Bice
Ms. Arnetra Terry Ms. Catherine Olmert
Ms. Cheryl Reddish Ms. Deborah Phelps
Ms. Edna Scott Ms. Emma Greer
Ms. Harriet Cooper Ms. Hazel Peck
Ms. Hazel Shaw Ms. Helen Harris
Ms. Helen Holt Ms. Jana Miller
Ms. Jane Wilson Ms. Kathy Hayes
Ms. Lola Brown Ms. Loree Harris
Ms. Lynne Pendergrass Ms. Martha Bergeron
Ms. Mary Catherine Harris Ms. Mary Terry
Ms. Mildred C. Johnson Ms. Nancy Shugart
Ms. Patricia Lorenz Ms. Peggy Luce
Ms. Peggy Richardson Ms. Pete Burrows
Ms. Polly Maloney Ms. Renate Hall
Ms. Ruth Howard Chambers Ms. Ruth Morgan
Ms. Sheila Carver Ms. Shirley Moss
Ms. Shirley Richardson Ms. Sylvia Greene
Ms. Tilda Hendricks Ms. Angela Hyson
Warrenton Woman’s Club Wendy Hilliard and Glenn Coley